From the cultural hotbed of the San Francisco Bay Area's vibrant music scene DeviantRhythms examines technology's impact on tradition and society. Comprised of a documentary and web site (no longer active), DeviantRhythms incorporates ideas and opinions from a diverse mix of traditional musicians, electronic artists, DJs, radio luminaries, and music educators. In the end, this musical discourse is a rich tapestry of interviews and visually arresting performance sequences that challenge the viewer to question their own ideas about the meaning of art, creativity and culture in a technologically evolving world.


"Well thought, informative and visually appealing, 'DeviantRhythms' moves as fluidly as the music it was born of, meshing diverse cultural arts into on futuristic whole..."
--Global Rhythm Magazine

"...a heady but compelling work that sweeps through the Bay Area's electronic and cultural music scenes to a soundtrack of global-tinged rhythms."
-- The East Bay Express

"...a superb job of tackling this debate subject from every angle... This collection of opinions leaves viewers straddling a line of educated uncertainty..."
-- The San Francisco Examiner